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Turn your TV into the latest smart TV. View TV from around the world without a satellite dish or aerial. Most Importantly, no monthly subscription

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netbox x6

Net Box X6

Net Box X6 - capable of receiving all channels and is wifi enabled


Net Box H8 Octa-Core

Net Box H8 Octa-Core - Twice the speed, twice the memory and future proof


New prices     199€

Access the largest amount of programmes available including all UK live TV, 20,000 plus movies, Boxed sets.  Sports from all over the world including Sky, Setanta, ESPN, Eurosport and all USA and Canadian sports. All live football games throughout Europe.

See blog for further information.

Full information on Net Boxes is available on the blog please visit before you choose.

Postage and packing EU                             18 Euros

Postage and packing outside EU               25 Euros

Delivery and installation (local only)       60 Euros


Please note we do not host, provide, archive, store or distribute any kind of programme content.  We  act solely as a provider of Android boxes,  to allow you  Smart television technology on your own television.


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