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Turn your TV into the latest smart TV. View TV from around the world without a satellite dish or aerial. Most Importantly, no monthly subscription

Net Box


The only thing that is small about the NET BOX is it´s size. Access to the largest selection of TV programmes, in Europe. Sport, Movies, Boxed Sets, live TV Documentaries etc. over 20,000.


Now arrived the NEW Net Box  16GB  flash memory, 2Gb  DDR, Android 7.1, 64 bit technology, HDMI 2, Future proof  4K  playback. Now here for just 199€ .   Make an appointment to come and see the NET BOX you won´t be disapointed.  Telephone  966680541  or 688611466 (Once only payment).

With the Net Box you can watch all the popular TV programmes from all over the world using  fantastic Apps, without the need for a satellite dish or TV antenna. All you need is a good steady internet speed of at least 6mb steady and a television with an HDMI socket for the best of live TV streaming, most in HD (high definition).

Boxed sets, movies, documentaries, sports are all available without having to pay a subscription, no monthly payments whatsoever. This is not a Kodi box, it has lots of apps to see channels from all over the world.
The Net Box changes your television to a an extra special smart TV giving you access to thousands of TV channels, some you knew of and some you did not know existed.

There are thousands of channels to choose from on KODI, MOBDRO and other Apps including, all your local UK programs BBC1, BBC2, BBC 3, BBC 4, BBC News, CBBC,   ITV 1, ITV 2, ITV 3, ITV 4, Channel 4, Channel 5, E4,  Five USA, Bid TV,  CBS Drama, CBS Reality, Chelsea TV, Dave,  Food Network,  Pick TV, Price Drop TV, Psychic , QVC,  SKY Movies Action & Adventure, SKY Movies Comedy, SKY Movies Crime & Thriller, Sky Movies, Drama & Romance, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Premiere,  Sky News, RTE 1 and RTE 2 plus other Irish programmes.  Sky Sports 1,  2,  3,  4,  Sky Sports News, Sky Sports F1, Euro News, Euro Sport, Euro Sport 2, Euro Sport UK, BT sports 1 & 2. BT Europe, ESPN, Setanta, Premier and Bien Sports.   Please note you may need 6mb or more for live sports when big games are on.

TV shows movies and boxed sets. Stream episodes of  The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Coronation Street, Eastenders,  Dancing On Ice, The Voice and many more hit shows. Top TV shows from the USA including Breaking Bad, Lost, Dexter, Falling Skies, True Blood, Three Rivers, CSI, The Mentalist, Hannibal, Warehouse 13, Game of Thrones plus many more which have not been released outside of the USA. The choice is endless.

imagesCA90SCJ1There are lots of little extras, like a free adult channels. 
There are channels from Spain, Italy, Germany and most other countries. The History Channel, Discovery Channel and top documentaries are also available.

In fact there are 1000’s of channels on XBMC/KODI, much more than Sky and Freeview put together, you are spoilt for choice and remember we keep repeating ourselves, no monthly subscription.

What can’t it do?  It can’t cook the Snack or Pop Corn but  for just 169€  or  199€ it’s the best buy entertainment centre in the world today. It’s for the family not just a big boys toy.

Remember It can work anywhere in the world as long as you have  a television with an HDMI input and good internet or Wi-Fi.

Now in stock the NEW Net Box X6 and X8.  see blog for more details.


It never fails, there is not a week goes by without someone phoning me and saying I do not believe you can receive all these channels FREE OF CHARGE as nearly all other companies charge a monthly or annual fee.

All I can say is take up my offer for a free demonstration by phoning me for an appointment. It is a one to one demonstration with no sales pressure.  See for yourself how the NET BOX works and the high specification and the excellent quality you will receive as long as you have a steady internet of at least 4mb to 6mb of download speed.

But that´s not all there is to it. The design of our programming and search facilities, the quality and selection are second best to none. If you want to pay less remember, you get what you pay for.

You can´t compare a Mini with a Ferrari.  Lots of choice and back-ups of all programmes, box updates itself every evening with the latest cinema blockbusters and box sets galore. There are thousands to choose from and also thousands of live TV programmes to choose from also.

Remember NO MONTHLY OR ANNUAL CHARGES.  Get a FREE demonstration NOW

A.   Its an Android box that is connected to the internet by Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable from your router and allows you to scan the internet just like a smart TV. This allows you access to thousands of TV channels and movies also programs like Skype, Facebook and other social media sites.

Q.  Do I require a satellite dish or TV antenna?
A.  Most definitely not. Your programmes come directly down the internet.

Q.  Do I need fast internet (broadband).?
A.   Television programmes can work with 4MB but you may need 6mb for the movie channels and sports channels. The higher the speed the better the quality.

Q.   How do I obtain updates for my box?
A.   That’s simple. The Net Box does it automatically and that includes movies, sports and TV programmes. Please look at our blog for adding new programmes.

Q.   Why do some TV programmes and movies buffer.
A.   That’s usually due to the internet speed being to slow ask your internet supplier to increase your speed, it does not cost much.

Q.   If a program does not work what do I do?
A.    There are lots of choices, just select another choice, what does not work today will probably work tomorrow.

Q.   Can I use the box to browse the internet?
A.   Yes but you may need to obtain a special remote with a keyboard called an air mouse or purchase a wire free  mouse.


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