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Turn your TV into the latest smart TV. View TV from around the world without a satellite dish or aerial. Most Importantly, no monthly subscription


H8 Plus pageALL THE MOVIES you ever wanted  FREE.

Remember 1000´s of boxed sets of television programmes and movies

TV7This is definitely not your usual Sky Movies this is much better, you get all the latest Movies, including Cinema releases.  Every Movie you could want is here, the latest, the best and you never have to pay a penny. It’s like Netflix, Hulu and Sky Box Office but totally subscription free and you have a lot more choice.

You can also view the top 250 movies made (viewer’s Choice) and of course if you like classic movies they are there as well.  If you have a high speed internet, then you can watch most movies in high definition.  How is that for choice and don’t forget its subscription FREE.
Hard to believe?  But it is true and available now. At incredibly low prices.

Every month we will be having a latest release movies and updates in our blog/newsletter.  Hints, tips and latest news.
We will also have full information on our range of Net Boxes.  Did you know MINIX the makers of our boxes won the best Android box last year and with their new range out perhaps this year?


Yes no further charges, monthly or yearly.

But that´s not all there is to it. The design of our programming and search facilities, the quality and selection are second best to none. If you want to pay less remember, you get what you pay for.

You can´t compare a Mini with a Ferrari.  Lots of choice and back-ups of all programmes, box updates itself every evening with the latest cinema blockbusters and box sets galore. There are thousands to choose from and also thousands of live TV programmes to choose from also.

Remember NO MONTHLY OR ANNUAL CHARGES.  Get a FREE demonstration NOW



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