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Turn your TV into the latest smart TV. View TV from around the world without a satellite dish or aerial. Most Importantly, no monthly subscription

Live Television


Watch TV FREE. With the new NETBOX

Plus 1000s of boxed sets of TV programmes

FREE UK TV Channels  BBC1, BBC2, BBC Four BBC News, CBBC,   ITV 1, ITV 2, ITV 3, ITV 4, ITV BE Channel 4, Channel 5, E4, , Five USA, Bid TV,  CBS Drama, CBS Reality, Chelsea TV, Dave, , Food Network,  Pick TV, Price Drop TV, Psychic , QVC and  over 20,000 channels

FREE  Movies Action & Adventure,  Comedy, Crime & Thriller movies-
Drama & Romance,  Family Movies,    News,  Sports, Sports News,  Sports F1, Euro News, Euro Sport, Euro Sport 2, Euro Sport UK. and hundreds of sports channels throughout the world. Bien sports and all the English premier league games.

TV shows, boxed sets and movies free online. Stream episodes/series of  The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Vampire Diaries,  The Voice and many more hit shows. Top TV shows from the UK and the USA including  Dexter, Falling Skies, True Blood, Three Rivers, CSI, The Mentalist, Hannibal, Warehoused 13,  plus many more which have not ben released outside of the USA. All this using XBMC software



There are lots of little extras, like a free Karaoke, catch-up (with VPN not included) TV and adult channels.

There are channels from The UK, Ireland, USA, Spain, Italy, Germany and most other countries.

The History Channel, Discovery Channel and top documentaries. The choice is amazing and its subscription FREE, yes FREE Pay for the box and view your
favourite TV programmes for a lifetime FREE, no monthly or yearly charges.


 In fact there are 1000’s of channels, much more than Sky and Freeview put together, you are spoilt for choice and remember we keep repeating ourselves, no monthly subscription it´s FREE.


It never fails, there is not a week goes by without someone phoning me and saying I do not believe you can receive all these channels FREE OF CHARGE as nearly all other companies charge a monthly or annual fee.

All I can say is take up my offer for a free demonstration by phoning me for an appointment. It is a one to one demonstration with no sales pressure.  See for yourself how the NET BOX works and the high specification and the excellent quality you will receive as long as you have a steady internet of at least 4mb to 6mb of download speed.

But that´s not all there is to it. The design of our programming and search facilities, the quality and selection are second best to none. If you want to pay less remember, you get what you pay for.

You can´t compare a Mini with a Ferrari.  Lots of choice and back-ups of all programmes, box updates itself every evening with the latest cinema blockbusters and box sets galore. There are thousands to choose from and also thousands of live TV programmes to choose from also.

Remember NO MONTHLY OR ANNUAL CHARGES.  Get a FREE demonstration NOW  Telephone  966680541 0r 688611466


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