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XBMC is now KODI

XBMC is now called KODI So don't be dismayed according to KODI things will get better. So lets hope so and we at Net Box are putting a new programme on all new boxes and you can get your box updated with the new program which makes it easier to find your favourite program. Just give us a call at 966680541 for a special deal to upgrade you for 25€ or e-mail us at   We will have a video about the programme in the next few...

New Net Box X8H (Minix Neo X8H)

Hi everyone here is a video of the new NET BOX X8h by minix. This is one of the best boxes we have seen and even if your router is in an other room or some distance away it pulls in your Wi-Fi signal giving you quality and speed. But remember if you do not have a steady speed in the first place it won´t help in the least. My router is in my downstairs demo studio and my television is on the first floor through a concrete base which the X5 Net Box just gave up the ghost. No way was my wife...
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